Welcome! If you are searching for someone to help you achieve personalized sustainable diet and lifestyle changes that will result in optimal well being you have come to the right place! My expertise is in helping people see food as their ally in creating health and vitality in their lives.  Whether you are seeking help for a life transition such as Menopause or a physical problem such as Insulin Resistance, Type 2 Diabetes or Pre-Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease, PCOS, mood or gut related issue or an eating disorder, I provide a holistic, highly individualized and  comprehensive approach to address your challenges and can help coach you back to optimal health. I have a wealth of  professional  experience in addressing the many barriers to change that we often encounter when attempting to address food and body related issues and can help you uncover your ability to sustainably redirect your behavior in the service of  physical and emotional well being. I work remotely where I can see both local and distance clients.

Are you?

Someone who has elevated cholesterol/lipid labs who would like to try an effective, individualized dietary/lifestyle approach for reduction of blood lipids and related cardiovascular disease?

A woman in menopause who is confused or concerned about physiological changes and wanting help in developing a personalized optimal menopausal health plan for your unique menopausal journey?

Someone who is showing signs of insulin resistance or has been told you are pre-diabetic or Type 2 Diabetic?

An individual with chronic physiological  and/or psychological health issues who is interested in looking at how food,  lifestyle and sometimes dietary supplementation may be able assist you on your path to physical and psychological well-being?

An individual with weight concerns who is tired of diet promises that work only in the short term only to be followed up by the familiar regaining of lost weight?

An individual struggling with an eating disorder or fears and confusion about what really is ok to eat?

Someone who is interested in optimizing your gut microbiome for optimal mental health, immune function, and cardiometabolic health?

I hope you will let me help you…

Become free of food fear and confusion and instead become confident in the food and lifestyle choices that are right for your unique body.

Become confident in your ability to restore health and vitality as you are recovering from an eating disorder.

Find solutions to reduce stress, emotional eating, and symptoms of gut related disorders.

Recognize that food really is the best medicine but only if we apply evidence-based approaches to solve our food related issues. I will evaluate past and present medical and diet history along with stress, movement, sleep, supplements, environment, and related physiological and psychological health concerns.  My goal is to partner with you and use my almost 40 years of clinical experience combined with with my advanced training in functional and integrative nutrition to assist you in finding optimal health in body, mind and spirit.


Julie Hayes-Nadler is an exceptional clinician and a pleasure to collaborate with. She coaches clients on the importance of nutritional changes and/or supplements to help with anxiety, depression as well as a number of physical abnormalities. She is caring, responsible, and is our “go-to” person when standard psychotherapeutic approaches aren’t sufficient, particularly when there seem to be underlying biochemical issues at play. I am impressed with how she so adeptly stays abreast of the latest research related to functional medicine. I’ve had very positive feedback from clients as to her skills and sensitivity, and recommend her highly.

Don MacMannis, Ph.D.Psychologist, Clinical Director Family Therapy Institute

Without reservation, I recommend Julie Hayes Nadler, RD.  She is an excellent dietitian with a diverse breadth of professional experience.  Her commitment to seeking the most evidence-based protocols has enabled her to help countless patients create a healthy, sustainable relationship with food and body. Julie’s approach is honest and compassionate.  She works holistically and understands the complexity of behavior change.  She is undoubtedly one of my favorite professionals to collaborate with!

Andrea Borgatello, LCSW

I am so thankful for Julie’s guidance, knowledge, and support. She was absolutely the right person I needed to help conquer the eating disorder that diminished my quality of life for so many years. She taught me the practice of mindfulness and has since helped me to cultivate a holistic approach to eating which allowed me to embrace the wholeness of life. Eating is no longer a source of fear and worry but of contentment and joy. Julie also helped me to see my body differently, a practice all of its own.

M.W. , Client

What is Functional Medicine?

Functional medicine is a systems-oriented approach to addressing the underlying causes of disease. It addresses the whole person and evaluates the interactions between genetic, environmental and lifestyle factors that contribute to health and disease. Functional medicine is science based, and uses a variety of tests and history taking to discover the source of dysfunction. Evaluating gene sequences, diet and lifestyle, a functional medicine practitioner is able to recommend food and supplementation routines that address the true cause of the patient’s illness.
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