When our 18-year-old daughter steadily lost weight due to orthorexia, Julie quickly assessed the situation and helped her make a quick recovery. Our daughter was adamant about maintaining her vegan diet, yet Julie was willing to work within those constraints—something that most nutritionists are unwilling to do when dealing with an eating disorder. Our daughter connected with Julie on a personal and professional level, as did we. We loved her Family Based Treatment approach. Julie didn’t divulge the personal things they shared but she kept us informed about our daughter’s progress, and we often met as a group so that we would be unified in her treatment. Within a few months, Julie helped our daughter not only to restore her weight, but also to establish a lifelong diet that keeps her healthy and fulfilled, without compromising her vegan ideals.


We started seeing Julie after my 14yr. old daughter was released from an Eating Disorder Clinic after being treated for Anorexia for 2 ½ mos. We were instructed to find a team to keep our daughter moving towards recovery.

Julie became the support I needed to stay the course I had been taught at the Clinic.

Julie became the voice of reason at a time of extreme daily difficulty surrounding meals. I would have constant struggles with my daughter over her food and it would cause me to lose my clarity. When we would have our sessions with Julie I would regain my ability to stand strong in doing what was right for my daughter’s recovery.

Julie was very helpful in getting my daughter to identify what her core values were. I began to see a light in my daughter’s eyes when she identified what was really important to her. Julie helped me understand how important it was for me to continue to challenge my daughter to become flexible in her eating habits. I have come to believe that it is absolutely imperative to find something a person with an eating disorder wants more than they want the disorder.

Being the caregiver of a person with an eating disorder is an extremely stressful, frustrating task. Julie became our confidant and many times the mediator of many disagreements.

I am so appreciative to Julie, even after we were no longer having sessions with Julie, I still hear her supportive voice in my head encouraging me to stay strong and not to give up. I could not have had the success we have had overcoming our daughter’s eating disorder without Julie’s knowledge, guidance and support.

M. and S.Parents

I am a psychotherapist who has worked alongside Julie for many years treating eating disorders. Julie is an extremely knowledgeable, highly experienced professional and a valuable member of any treatment team. In her role as an RD Julie has a good understanding of anxiety and the components for treating it.  She is devoted to her client’s care. I highly recommend Julie Hayes-Nadler.

Debra Dalton Stein, MFTOCD Center of Los Angeles